Take the role of a plane-crash and zombie plague survivor in Big Day, an indie game developed by Sonic Shield and distributed by Zodiac Interactive.

This one is a real hardcore game, featuring pixel-art shoot-‘em-all zombie slaying in a top-down perspective.

Pancho, the main character, tries his luck against the zombie hoards on his way to save his daughter Liz, who was abducted by the local mafia. Mondays, am I right?

The game expresses itself to the fullest in its gameplay rather than its story. The story is nothing but an excuse for the mass murder of poor zombies that didn’t harm anybody; yet. Supposedly, killing (re-killing?) the undead is perfectly fine. Also, it’s really entertaining.

There are a few gameplay modes to choose from in Big Day. Story mode presents a rougelite experience, where both the current level and the world map are randomly generated. While traveling across the map, you might run into some wandering zombies and start a random encounter.

While playing an actual level, your goal will be reaching a final post and staying there for 5 seconds without receiving any damage. This post’s location will also be randomized. If you die horribly mid-level, all the loot you obtained until this point will be forever gone.

If you enjoy collecting loot to the point of physical pain, you have the endless Dungeon mode where you can gather some of the finer loot in-game. That’s a good place to go after you’ve died and lost all your stuff in the story mode, or just need an upgrade.

Big Day

You control Pancho as you do in any other twin-stick shooter – one joystick controls Pancho’s movement, and the other aims the weapons. The game is fast-paced, and control is tight.

We like the weapons as well. There are eight weapon types, including shotguns machineguns and grenades, and a total of 30 different weapons with plans to further increase the variety.

The creators are offering an in-game workshop service where every player can suggest a weapon of their own creation, development, and programming using the tools the game engine provides. You can also upload maps you created. The developers will review your suggestions, and the best of them will be included in future updates to the game. That’s how you listen to your fans.

There’s a new weapon mechanic in the game which works like a combination of Gears of War’s Active Reload and Bloodborne’s Regain System. You can time your reloads in a fantastic sort of mini-game, and if you succeed, you gain more ammunition than you just spent. It can be the difference between life and death by hundreds of zombies.

Big Day

Hundreds? At the same time? Indeed. We have asked Sonic Shield this question, and they told us that there isn’t any constraint on the number of zombies on-screen and that it’s a stupid question to ask when you talk about a 2D game. GamersPack – asking the stupid questions so you won’t have to.

You can already find Big Day on Steam Early Access, but a Nintendo Switch version is also in the works and will be released in the future.

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