Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, was working on an RPG set in the world of Command & Conquer before EA canceled it in 1996.

The Command & Conquer RPG would have been an immersive sim, like Spector’s previous works, Deus Ex and System Shock.

Command and Conquer RPG

“It was going to look a lot like Deus Ex,” Spector told VG247. “I knew what kind of game I wanted to make. I had a lot of the gameplay and the vision was there. It was going to be set in a very different world.

“That choice and consequence and recovery style where you could see a problem, pause, make a plan, execute, see the result, make a plan, execute… all that stuff that made Deus Ex Deus Ex, and the deep narrative. It was just going to be set in the Command and Conquer universe.”

This untitled Command & Conquer RPG was planned to be in first-person, like most of the games Spector worked on in the past.

“I don’t know that I have any interest in doing anything else unless it’s Mickey Mouse, in which case third-person was required,” he said. By “Mickey Mouse,” Spector is referring to the Epic Mickey games he created with his former studio Junction Point for Disney.

An RPG set in the Command & Conquer universe is a bold choice since the series never quite worked as anything that wasn’t a real-time strategy game. However, the conflict between the GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod during the Tiberian series is rife with untapped storylines. Also, I can see a spy RPG set in the timeline of the Red Alert series.

These days, the Command & Conquer series is pretty much dead after the free-to-play reboot was canceled in 2013. The only game currently in development is Command & Conquer: Rivals for Android and iOS devices.

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