The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Halloween Trailer

The Dark Pictures is a new horror anthology by Supermassive Games, creators of Until Dawn. The first entry in this spookfest is Man of Medan.

Man of Medan follows a group of American tourists aboard the ghost ship Ourang Medan. Just like in Until Dawn, you’re tasked with keeping these people alive through a series of choices and QTEs.

The game’s new trailer was released a few days ago on Halloween and introduces the curator of The Dark Pictures anthology. He is played by actor Pip Torrens, whom you may recognize from one of the 179 movies and TV shows he appeared it (according to his IMDB page). I personally know him as Herr Starr from Preacher.

The curator emphasizes the importance of making decisions in Man of Medan and warns of the consequences that will follow. As he so creepily puts it: “There are always repercussions.”

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is out in 2019.

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