Devolver Digital has revealed the official release date for GRIS, the beautifully serene and melancholic platformer.

Gris will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch on December 13.

The announcement came coupled with a lovely new gameplay trailer that should really get you excited about the upcoming release. That is if you love moody puzzle platformers free of frustration but are still challenging.

In case you haven’t been following this artsy title as close as I have, you should know Gris is the meticulously designed debut title of indie studio Nomada Studio.

This studio of developers and artists is bringing the game to life though drawn-drawn characters, animations, and environments, as well as an elegant original score by the band Berlinist.

Throughout the game, you’ll solve light puzzles and platforming sequences, but the real challenge lies in the optional skill-based segments you will unlock as you gain new abilities.

We haven’t seen a lot of these new abilities so far, but we do know Gris (that’s the name of the protagonist) can use her dress to glide. Another skill you unlock fairly early in the game lets you transform into a heavy block to prevent Gris from being swept away by gusts of wind.

Gris’s abilities, as well as her emotions, manifest on her dress and the world around her. An early segment in the game shows how her deep sorrow causes heavy rain, which in turn reveals hidden platforms and opens up new areas for you to explore.

We are told that her emotional growth throughout the story will impact the world in many different ways, both regarding visual design and gameplay.

Gris will release on PC and Nintendo Switch on December 13.

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