Creator of Undertale Toby Fox has released a new game called Deltarune. You can download and play it for free right now.

It’s likely the new game has something to do with Undertale. According to the game’s site, it is meant for people who already completed Toby Fox’s hit title. Also, Deltarune is an anagram for Undertale, so there’s that.


I haven’t played the game yet, so I’m not actually sure how closely related it is to the original. However, judging by the screenshots, Deltarune looks very Undertale-y. It even shows returning characters like Alphys and Chara.

The current version of the game is labeled “Chapter 1” so there may be more to come. You can follow the official Undertale / Deltarune twitter for more details (for lack of a better word). One tweet does mention that the game is “not complete yet,” and the game file is titled “Survey Program.”

Who knows, maybe this game is meant to tease something bigger, like a sequel or an entirely new game that takes place in the same world.

Also, if you play the game on Windows and encounter a problem with Windows Defender SmartScreen, Toby Fox has created a useful guide to help you bypass it. Attempt at your own risk.

Deltarune is available for free for both Windows and Mac. If you haven’t played Undertale yet for some reason, I highly recommend that you do. In fact, here’s a Steam key for Undertale: MTIJX-F7WBY-0PTRG. Enjoy.

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