After a long beta period, The Blackout Club, a co-op horror game about teens fighting the evil forces that took over their town and enslaved their parents, is now available in Early Access.

The official announcement reads: “The Blackout Club, our 4 player cooperative horror game, is available now for Early Access on Steam!

“We have been beta testing for the past few months with larger and larger pools of testers, but now it’s ready for anyone interested to check out the game and help us make it the best co-op horror game it can be.”

There’s also a new gameplay trailer that perfectly sets the mood.

The game’s Early Access version will include plenty of the features you’ll find in the finished game, like drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to 4 players, procedurally-generated missions, character customization, and more.

While missions take place in roughly similar locations (the town and the underground complex beneath it), each time you play you’ll encounter different challenges. Enemy types and patrols, loot placement, objectives, and environmental obstacles all change to match your character’s level.

Speaking of your character, you can customize its appearance and clothes, and decide which skills to upgrade. There’s also an option to sacrifice an existing character to gain special bonuses, though at the moment I’m a little unclear on how this works.

Above all, The Blackout Club will have an ongoing plot, filled with mystery, threats, and challenges to overcome. One of the biggest mysteries and threats is an enemy known as The Shape. This unknown entity will hunt you down mercilessly, so you’ll have to watch each other’s backs if you want to survive the night. Oh, and The Shape is completely invisible; the only way to see it is to close your eyes.

The Blackout Club will be in Early Access for the next 6 months. A full launch is scheduled for 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can follow the game’s development on the Steam Community page or the official Discord channel.

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