There’s a new Harry Potter RPG in development at Warner Bros., if we are to believe a leaked video showing off-screen gameplay.

The video, first posted by Reddit user VapeThisBro, looks pretty professional. It shows a character creator, spells, combat, crafting, fantastical beasts and where to find them.

Harry Potter RPG magic

The same leaker claims that the new Harry Potter game takes place in the 19th Century, and follows a character with unique abilities who was accepted late into Hogwarts. As this gifted student, you’ll plunge straight into the 5th year at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and cross paths with ancient powers.

The game is supposedly a 3-rd person open-world RPG, with eight different “wizard types” to choose from when you create your character.

You’ll also be able to choose whether to be a good wizard or a bad one. We can see in the video the main character casting some very dangerous and forbidden spells, including what seems to be the Cruciatus Curse. There are also a few instances where we can clearly see the main character killing goblins by impaling them and dropping a building on them.

The leaked footage was quickly taken down by Warner Bros. Interactive, half confirming that it is indeed legit. If you still want to see it, there are some places you can find it.

At first, rumors suggested that this unannounced Harry Potter RPG is developed by none other than Rocksteady Studios, known for their excellent Batman Arkham series. Fans were obviously excited since the studio has a record of taking great IPs and making them even greater.

Harry Potter RPG fantastic beasts

Since then we learned that it is Avalanche Software who are supposedly making the game. Avalanche Software (not to be confused with Avalanche Studios, makers of the Just Cause series) are a US-based studio that was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2017. Before that, they were the force behind Disney Infinity and its sequels.

We also learned that the game might be called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened or Harry Potter: Magic Forever, thanks to a tweet by BBC News reporter Lizo Mzimba.

If all of this information is true, the Harry Potter RPG is expected to see the light of day in late 2019 or early 2020.

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