I first heard of Gris a few days ago, when Devolver Digital posted this beautiful gif on Twitter. Since then, I’ve been looking for every piece of information I could find about the platformer.

Gris is the debut title of Nomada Studio, an indie studio based in Barcelona. It’s been in development for a while but was just picked up by Devolver for a PC and Switch release.

The title means “Gray” in Spanish, but as you can see from the trailer – the game is anything but. The hand-drawn visuals are incredible and look almost like a painting in motion.

Developer Nomada Studio cites games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Inside and Journey.

The game follows a girl named Gris, who loses her voice to a mysterious force. She’s then transported to a desolate but serene landscape that’s “free of danger, frustration or death.” Players can explore this meticulously designed space to uncover more about the story and help Gris overcome painful experience in her life.

To do so, you will solve puzzles that require both platforming and the use of special abilities. As Gris grows emotionally, so will her dress and the world around her change, opening new paths to explore.

Gris accumulates her abilities in her dress made of sorrow. She will unlock new abilities that allow her to dash or turn her dress into rock to keep herself from flying away in strong wind.

While the core game itself shouldn’t be too challenging for veteran platformers, optional skill-based puzzles will slowly open to players as the game progresses. These will unlock collectibles that reveal more about the girl and her story.

We’ll be getting our hands on Gris during Gamescom 2018 next week, so we’ll have more information about this surreal, beautiful platformer then.

For now, we know the game will be released this December on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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