Jump Force, the new fighting title Bandai Namco revealed in E3 2018, is at least a few months away, but new characters are already confirmed thanks to a new trailer.

The newcomers are members of the famous Shonen manga and anime, Bleach.

With the addition of the orange-haired shinigami substitute Kurosaki Ichigo, the one who started it all Kuchiki Rukia, and their arch-nemesis Sousuke Aizen, Jump Force has now got my full attention. Here they are in action alongside the other confirmed characters.

Now we have some new information that could shed light (not Yagami) on the character choice of Jump Force. It seems that the participating anime shows will bring over groups of three characters – two heroes and one villain. Also, up to now, all characters from the same show seem to be from the same arc.

Following these assumptions, we could speculate and guess the other characters that will join Jump Force.

Son Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z are already confirmed. The obvious choice for the third member of the trio will be Vegeta, of course. Nonetheless, since Vegeta died in Namek arc just before Goku turned Super Saiyan, they might pick Piccolo instead.

The One Piece character set is currently short a villain. Luffy and Zoro’s appearance (and the fact that Luffy’s ultimate move in Jump Force is his Gear Fourth form –┬áBoundman) suggests we are dealing with the Dressrosa arc. There are two worthy and formidable enemies to choose from in this arc: Admiral Fujitora and Donquixote Doflamingo.

I believe that Doflamingo is the better choice for this role since Fujitora doesn’t seek to kill, destroy and conquer like the other enemies in the game.

Jump Force trailer Bleach

Naruto’s team also needs a bad guy to fill the spot. Outsutsuki Kaguya was the final enemy of the fourth shinobi war arc; nevertheless, she lacks in close-range combat abilities, freeing her place to one of the two Uchiha elites, Obito and Madara.

All these speculations will be answered in the next few months. Hopefully, we’ll get to see other Shonen Jump anime shows joining Jump Force, such as Fairy Tail, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Let us all unite to fight!

Jump Force is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

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