Guacamelee 2, the Metroidvania action-platformer sequel, has an official release date.

Developer Drinkbox Studios released a short new trailer as a means of delivering the news. Here it is, gameplay footage and all. Stick to the very end to for Guacamelee 2 release date.

Guacamelee 2 will launch on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 21.

Step back into the tights and mask of former hero Juan Aguacate, and help him stop a powerful and ruthless luchador from a parallel timeline. The entire fate of your family and that of the Mexiverse rest of your broad shoulders.

Fight through the worlds of the living and the dead with a new gameplay mechanic that allows you to switch between the two dimensions on the fly. Both worlds feature beautiful, vibrant environments and new animations that look great thanks to a new game engine.

You’ll travel through rifts in time and space, unlock new moves like the Pollo Shot, and turn into a chicken for some poultry-based platforming and combat.

The game has a new upgrade system for all your new fancy moves. You’ll find special trainers around the map that will issue challenges for you to overcome. Defeat these challenges, and you’ll upgrade your movement, combat, traversal, and other aspects of your character.

You’ll need those upgrades since Guacamelee 2 has bigger maps to explore, twice as many enemy types as the first game to fight, and new bosses to crush. And even more chickens, by the look of things.

If you want some help with all that exploring, fighting and crushing – don’t worry; the game will support drop-in/drop-out 4-player local co-op, so you can call on your friends to help.

Guacamelee 2 is already available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store, with 20% off to PS+ subscribers. It’s also on Steam, but you can’t buy it there yet; you can wishlist it though.

Once again – Guacamelee 2 release date is set for  August 21, on PC and PS4.

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