MapleStory, the classic and incredibly popular MMORPG, is coming back and it’s here to stay. The mobile version of the game, MapleStory M, will launch today worldwide, and I have a feeling it’s going to be huge.

Many of us remember the countless hours we spent playing this game. Heck, some of us played it for longer than we spent time in the real world. MapleStory was that addicting.

The mobile version, MapleStory M looks like an accurate replication of that experience in mobile devices, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

MapleStory M offers the same general experience as the original, including the very iconic and colorful 2D graphics that the game is known for. The unique locations, the near infinite customization options, and yes, even those colorful and crazy hairstyles, skin color, and costumes are all back.

Those epic bosses you loved beating so much are also back and are waiting for you to challenge them.

While the game had had mobile versions before, none of those had the multiplayer functionality I enjoyed so much. Nothing beats playing with friends, leveling up together, trading loot and exploring the world of MapleStory. It is an essential part of the game which I’m pleased to see again.

In addition to all that you might remember, the game will have extra features including a new class called the Explorer and a whole new battle system to fit with the mobile controls.

The game will also feature customization, dungeons, mounts, and pets, so there’s a lot for everyone to do, both new and old.

MapleStory M

The game is set to release today at 7 PM PT in over 140 countries, on iOS and Android. It will be free just like the original, and anyone registering into the game from now and over the next two weeks will receive bonus rewards, with extra bonuses for anyone who joins the game within the first week.

You can also link your original MapleStory account with the mobiles one to get even more freebies.

I’m thrilled to have MapleStory on mobile so I can play it anywhere. I can’t wait to get sucked right back into the colorful world of endless adventure, delightful characters, and excellent music. Time to start planning my adorable new look.

MapleStory M

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