Pixel art is an acquired taste, but once you do develop a taste for it, you’re immediately drawn to anything that’s full of that pixel-perfect style. Death’s Gambit is that kind of game.

Death’s Gambit has been announced a few years ago. It’s a souls-vania action RPG, that comes to us from indie developer White Rabbit, and published by Adult Swim Games.

If you’ve been following it since then, kudos to you; but if by any chance you missed it, then here’s why it needs to be on your radar.

To start things off, let’s take a look at the newest pixel-studded Death’s Gambit trailer:

So what have we got here? Guns, dragons, weapons, monsters, demons, and everything I love about a game – and it all looks fantastic.

The latest Death’s Gambit trailer promises non-linearity, and an elaborate campaign.

We will step into the shoes of a fallen soldier who was brought back to life as an agent of Death itself. We’ll take on different missions on behalf of Death, which I assume will eventually bring us to an epic battle for our freedom.

The game draws a lot of inspiration from both Castlevania and Dark Souls, so there’s a lot to look forward to. It promises lots of in-depth character development such as classes, talents and weapon skills, and a new game plus for a better replayability value.

It also looks like Death’s Gambit will have a lot of unique boss battles, although I still need to understand how or why we are battling an interdimensional space magician and a sniper bounty hunter. I guess we’ll find out more after release.

While I never had much love for Dark Souls, I adore the Metroidvania genre, which I think will help me get absorbed in Death’s Gambit when it finally arrives. And have I mentioned already how much I love that pixel art?

Death’s Gambit will be riding into PC and PlayStation 4 on August 14, which is less than a month away.

Until then, you can enjoy the lovely pixel art in the screenshots below.

Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit Death's Gambit

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