The Light Keeps Us Safe is a new upcoming game by Big Robot, developers of The Signal From Tölva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

The game is a “procedurally-generated apocalypse” with stealth elements, where you need to avoid patrolling machines and deadly traps. It also has something to do with light.

According to the description on its Steam page, The Light Keeps Us Safe takes place in a world where one day the sky went dark, and alien-machines invaded.

Until now you were safe in your underground bunker, but you cannot stay there much longer. Your food is gone, and the power will soon follow. It’s time to join the others in The Light.

But before you can do that, you need to explore and survive the procedurally-generated environments. I’m still not sure what you’ll be doing in these environments, but it will include “unique light-based interactions and challenges.”

We know what you won’t be doing, however – crafting. Big Robot stated that they find crafting a bit dull, so they decided not to include it in the game. So everything you need to overcome the machines and find your way into The Light should be available in the world around you.

Again, no much is known at the moment, but I like the game’s aesthetics and overall vibe. The devs promise a terrifying and bleak experience, but one with a “tremendous sense of satisfaction in overcoming certain doom.” That’s my favorite kind of doom.

I wonder if the game will offer a lengthy campaign, with a proper story but randomly-generated levels and puzzles. Or perhaps Big Robot is aiming for a more replayable experience, with “bite-size” challenges you can play over and over again.

Whichever the case may be, this one sure looks interesting.

The Light Keeps Us Safe is scheduled to enter Early Access on October 11.

The Light Keeps Us Safe The Light Keeps Us Safe The Light Keeps Us Safe The Light Keeps Us Safe The Light Keeps Us Safe

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