Devotion is a first-person psychological horror game set in 1980s Taiwan.

The game takes place in an old apartment complex, where a religious family of three lives. Supposedly, they are your family, though the new teaser trailer doesn’t confirm that.

What the new trailer does show, however, is the sorry state the apartment is in. The cheery commercials and cheesy talk shows on the TV serve as a contrast to the dark and messing livingroom where the actual game takes place.

As we explore this haunted and confined space, we’ll have to solve immersive puzzles that will lead us to the mysteries deep within the bowel of the house.

Not a lot is known about Devotion, but the game’s tagline “Be careful what you pray for…” does hint it will focus heavily on religion.

Devotion is the second game by Red Candle Games. Their first one, Detention, is a side-scrolling 2D horror adventure that takes place in 1960s Taiwan. Specifically, during the White Terror marital law period.

Like Detention, Devotion continues to explore the Taiwanese lifestyle. The game’s sound design is also inspired by Taiwanese culture, Taoist mantra, and ritual music.

However, this time the game will feature a 3D realistic art style instead of the hand-drawn animation of Detention.

Red Candles has already revealed Devotion a few months ago via a tweet, where we first saw the game’s eerie art. Now, we finally have some sort of video, even if it’s just a teaser.

A release date for Devotion and the supported platforms have yet to be announced. Detention was released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch, so maybe we can expect the same.

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