Samurai Jack is a Cartoon Network gem about a man using a magical sword to slay evil and restore peace to the land.

The Witcher 3 is an incredible RPG about a man using swords and magic to slay monsters, and occasionally restore peace to the land.

It makes perfect sense that someone mashed the two together into one short but skillfully done cartoon. Those someones are the folk over at Mashed YouTube channel.

The cartoon focuses solely on the hunt of a single griffin, but if you played The Witcher 3 you know the amount of preparation that goes into taking down one of those beasts. That’s exactly what the cartoon is about. We see Garelt setting an ambush for the flying monster, as well as preparing traps and oils to give him the advantage.

The video isn’t as epic as the most recent season of Samurai Jack (which we finally got to see after 12 years), but it is well-made and captures the series’ signature animation and style. It is, however, edited in the same dramatic manner a lot of Samurai Jack episodes are.

Fans of both worlds should enjoy watching this mash-up. Now I kinda want a Witcher cartoon series by the creators of Samurai Jack…

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