Cloud Imperium Game has recently revealed a new Star Citizen entry-level salvager called the Vulture.

If you ever played EVE Online, this new ship might look a little familiar, as it strikes a distinct similarity to one of the game’s mining frigates – the Venture.

CCP Games, the developers of EVE Online, has now issued an official response to the matter. Their response, however, turned out to be more amusing than you might think.

CCP has chosen to create a new skin bundle for the frigate called The Venture Capitalist SKIN Bundle. Here’s an excerpt from the bundle’s official description:

“Head on over to the New Eden Store and pick up the “Venture Capitalist” SKIN bundle, which contains three Venture SKINs that are ideal for mining below the belt. Just beware of sneaky vultures attempting to swoop in and loot your assets!”

Did you notice the subtle Vulture reference? But that’s not all; the price and the bundle’s name and the skins themselves are all small digs at CIG.

A post by one of CCP’s narrative writer on the Star Citizen subreddit and a tweet by EVE Online’s official Twitter account further emphasize that the developer has no intention of taking any legal action against ClG.

On their side, CIG referenced EVE Online’s Venture in the official brochure of the Drake Vulture:

“Push the limits wherever you roam. Following the spirit of the lone wolf can lead to treacherous ends, but it can just as readily lead to outrageous fortune. The Vulture is a ship for those willing venture forth where others have failed.”

Coincidence? Maybe, but I’d like to think this is CIG’s small way of acknowledging the ship’s original inspiration.

This isn’t the first time that CIG and CCP have clashed with one another. Last year, CIG posted concept art of one of their moons that contained a nebula that was taken directly from EVE Online’s Immensea Region.

Star Citizen concept art
The Immensea nebula from EVE Online

With a $120 price tag, the Vulture follows a tradition in Star Citizen of highly priced virtual items, such as the Legatus pack – the highest pack costing an astonishing $27,000. The pack is only available to users who have reached Concierge status by paying more than $1000.

In fact, Concierge users are the ones who’ve likely requested this highly priced pack in the first place. CIG is known to respond to sale requests made by Concierge members.

According to CIG, the high price tag for some of Star Citizen’s concept ships may seem unappealing to newcomers of the Space Simulator, but it should be noted that users need to pay only $59.99 to buy both Star Citizen and its single-player campaign Squadron 42.

All ships currently for sale will eventually become available for all pilots to obtain in the finished game, for in-game currency.

After all, this kind of concept sales is aimed at funding the development of Star Citizen, which has now reached an estimated budget of over $188,000,000 – all of it from crowdfunding.

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