Ubisoft’s wide-spanning driving game, The Crew 2, has sped into open beta this past weekend. It’s big, it’s fast, it’s colorful, and it has almost every vehicle you’d want to race in. But most importantly, it hypes you up for the game’s upcoming full release.

If you’ve been following us these past few weeks, you have probably noticed by now that ’tis the season of racing games.

The Crew 2’s beta has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to the racing genre.

The Crew 2 lets you don the driving gloves of a wannabe racing superstar. Luckily, you’ve stumbled across a successful producer, who has noticed your potential and is giving you the chance to get into the spotlight.

After a quick tutorial, the beta sends you off to master the game’s four disciplines.

Street Racing is your regular race to the finishing line and features all the commercial cars that you’re probably saving your money for in real life.

Pro Racing is the more technical type of racing, and features boats and formula cars.

Offroad puts your navigation skills to the test and sends you chasing after far away waypoints while crossing rivers and scaling mountains.

Finally, Freestyle is… well, not freestyle, but instead, you go on airplanes and do the stunts you’re asked to do. The mode also features other vehicles, including but not limited to monster trucks.

Each of the disciplines leads to a line of events, activities, vehicles, and upgrades of its own. A lot of them were in the beta, so I had something fun to do whenever I felt like racing.

The Crew 2 beta

But, when you don’t feel like racing, you still have a lot of ways to have fun in The Crew 2. You can explore many familiar sights like The Vegas Strip, downtown Miami, and Lake Tahoe.

The game lets you roam freely in these locations with any of your unlocked vehicles but also gives you some bonus activities to enjoy, such as hitting a target speed in a speed trap or take a specific photo in a specific location.

And speaking of photos, the game gives you control of the now increasingly popular photo mode. Aside from the regular controls for this mode, The Crew 2’s photo op allows you to choose a frame from your past few seconds, and also adjust the time of day and weather to your liking.

This eases up the process of finding the perfect shot, which is a fantastic feature for all of the content creators out there who will be using this mode.

As per usual, I’ve taken the liberty to snap some photos myself and use them for this article.

The Crew 2 beta

And you’re going to want to take some pics yourself, as the game looks great, with bright colors and lights, and detailed car models. No matter the time of day, the weather, or the car I’m driving, I was able to capture a sweet sweet, shot that I was proud to share.

The Crew 2 is almost here, and it looks like there’s a lot to prepare for. The game offers plenty of different experiences for all kinds of racing game players, and you’re bound to find a discipline that best matches your skills.

The Crew 2 is speeding into PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 29.

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