Afterparty, the game where you drink your way out of hell, has a new gameplay trailer.

The video takes us through the first few minutes of the game and gives us a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing – drinking with demons and kicking their asses at beer pong.

Fresh college graduates Lola and Milo can’t wait to start their lives in the real world. Unfortunately, they did not survive the last party. Somehow, they died and went to Hell.

But Lola isn’t the kind of girl who’s going to let a thing like death stop her (Milo looks like he is). The two of them discover a loophole: outdrink Satan, and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth. If the Afterparty gameplay video is any indication, they’ve got this in the bag.

While we don’t see the duo drinking Satan under the table just yet, we do get a small taste of the dialogue system and activities we’ll get to participate in.

If you played Night School Studio’s previous title Oxenfree, the dialogue system should look very familiar. You can choose what to say and when to say it, potentially interrupting people putting them off their game. We also see how alcohol unlocks additional dialogue options.

Different drinks grant different dialogue options and abilities, but it’s not yet clear if there’s a downside to drinking mid-conversation. Maybe one too many beers can throw off your aim during a game of beer pong, or maybe shorten the time you have to respond.

Beer pong isn’t the only thing Lola and Milo can do while drinking their way to life. There’s also dance-offs, karaoke and chugging competitions, all infused with the game’s unique dialogue system.

The gameplay video doesn’t quite show it, but the game is bigger than it looks. You won’t be just hoping one dive bar to next, but exploring a web of interconnected islands. We’re going to see a lot more of Sam Hill – the cab driver turned tourist guide.

We’ll probably be seeing more Afterparty gameplay during E3 2018, but you should know the game won’t be out until 2019.

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