Hitman developer IO Interactive has been teasing an upcoming reveal for the last few days. A recent leak suggests this reveal is, in fact, the next game in the series – Hitman 2.

The leak didn’t originate from an unnamed source; it came from the official reveal site.

The site in question is supposed to host a livestream reveal of new Hitman content on June 7. However, shortly after it went live, a logo of Hitman 2 was accessible to all.

Warner Bros. has since taken it down, but a quick ResetEra user managed to grab it.

Hitman 2 might be how IO Interactive is calling the second season of their rebooted Hitman series. The first game in the new series was episodic, so it is possible we’ll be getting a new batch of episodes in the guise of a sequel.

However, with WG Games now publishing the series after Square Enix dropped IO last year, we could be looking at a whole new, non-episodic game.

We already know a new Hitman game is coming. IO CEO┬áHakan Abrak has confirmed we’ll be hearing more about it in 2018, so June 7 makes as much sense as any other date. Plus, it’s right before E3 – a great time to announce a new game in a beloved series.

We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see exactly what Hitman 2 is all about. Personally, I hope they keep the episodic structure. It was the perfect way to enjoy Hitman’ssurprisingly complex levels and assassinations.

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