Sleep Tight is a top-down, twin-stick shooter where you build forts and defenses, and fight off waves of monsters alongside your friends.

We’ve played that type of game before, but Sleep Tight introduces a little twist: you all are little kids, the forts are built out of pillows and blankets and the monsters are… still monsters.

Developer We Are Fuzzy, released the game’s second trailer, which includes a release date and some additional information on the game’s protagonists.

Through the trailer, we now know that there will be 12 different characters to choose from, each with unique abilities that can affect the way you play. We have Lynn, the space camp geek who gets a discount on research, or Rosie who can build better versions of turrets.

We can also see Wyatt the Outlaw, Willow the Ace, Brooke the Rockstar, and Tommy the Rascal. If you pause the video in just the right moments, you can read about some of the other little heroes as well.

The art style of the game appeals to me. Its cute and cartoonish nature is a perfect fit for the game’s theme of kids fighting the monsters¬†under their bed. I can see all this happening in the world of Monsters Inc.

You can learn more about Sleep Tight on the studio’s old development blog. It stopped updating once the team has moved to their own official website, but you can still find additional info and some neat concept art on there.

Sleep Tight comes out July 26 for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sleep TightSleep TightSleep Tight

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