I love Unreal Tournament. It was one of the very first FPS’s that I spent a lot of time playing, and I have enjoyed almost everything about it – especially the awesome weapons.

I have a soft spot for large, heavy weapons like the flak cannon or the rocket launcher, but also for ones with fast firing-rates like the dual submachine guns.

The game recently celebrated its 20 years anniversary. To mark the occasion, I played the new MOTHERGUNSHIP demo.

MOTHERGUNSHIP is the successor of 2014’s Tower of Guns, but you know that already since I told you that last time. The game lets you abuse everything about the Unreal Engine, and has big, massive guns. Actually, you get to craft those guns yourself.

Be it a rifle or a twelve barreled chaingun, you can create some mind-blowing weapons, and boy is this gun! I mean fun; it’s fun, that’s what it is.

The demo puts you in the shoes of a cadet training for an assault on the Mothergunship. You are accompanied by the Colonel, and Wilkinson the engineer, who are constantly bickering with each other with amusing results.

The two will guide on how to build your guns, and lead you on missions within the firing range. Their cynical dialogues, combined with the contained test environments, give the demo a slight Portal-like vibe, which I found pretty awesome.

MOTHERGUNSHIP demo the colonel

Building your gun is pretty easy and fun (what do you know, that rhymes). You start out with a selection of parts, like connectors and weapon barrels, and you just put them together. There’s no real limit to what you can make, so you have a lot of freedom in creating your dream weapon.

Once you have enough barrels, you can use caps, which are special attachments that add a little oomph to your gun. For example, you can use them to make your shots explode like grenades.

But bigger weapons come at a cost – the more barrels and attachments you put on your gun, the more energy it will consume. That basically means that your more elaborate firearms will have a longer reload time.

I felt a bit limited by the long reloading times. My weapons continuously required a long cooldown to replenish my energy bar. However, I am pretty sure that with some more practice I can probably create a tighter, more efficient gun.

Once you have your gun all ready to go, you will head into the first of many rooms, and battle the various robotic monstrosities inside. Most of the enemies are pretty easy to destroy, and most of their bullets are slow and easy to dodge, thanks to the quick movement and triple jumps. The result, though, is a very intense and fun bullet hell experience.

MOTHERGUNSHIP demo weapon customization

Once you clear a room, you return to the weapon garage and unlock more parts to customize your gun. You’ll need those parts, as battles get increasingly more difficult.

Later parts of the demo also feature some light platforming sections, which are always fun (less so in first-person, but still pretty fun).

MOTHERGUNSHIP looks fantastic so far, with futuristic architecture, luminescent dash rings, and colorful blasts coming from every corner. I encountered some severe frame drops, but the development team has already stated that they are working hard to fix this.

The game’s settings are very easy to configure, and it can be played on a wide range of machines, with options to increase frame rate and add in motion blur.

On the right gaming rig, this game will look absolutely stunning.

I had a blast with the gun crafting demo, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the full game has in store for us this summer. Until then, the MOTHERGUNSHIP demo is available on PCXbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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