Get ready for the best trailer you’re going to see all week. It belongs to Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is a new first-person shooter set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union. You play as a special agent sent to investigate a military facility after it goes silent.

Judging by the trailer, what you find there is both horrible and amazing.

Atomic Heart is listed as an “adventure FPS” on its Steam page, but I get strong horror vibes from it as well. We have dark environments, science experiments gone wrong, and big robots and zombie-like creatures trying to kill you.

All the monsters and enemies we see in the video are designed to be as creepy as possible, so it’s no wonder I keep thinking of games Prey, BioShock and System Shock.

I couldn’t find any more information about the game apart from what you can see in the trailer. However, that is enough to get me excited. I mean, this trailer is crazy.

I have one issue with what we’ve seen so far: the game doesn’t have one coherent theme to it. Sure, everything in the video is cool as heck, but it’s also all over the place. I’m hoping that once we see more of Atomic Heart we’ll learn how all the pieces fit together.

Also, I’ve been burned before by horror first-person shooters set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union. I’m talking about You are Empty – a truly terrible game.

Atomic Heart is the debut game of the Moscow-based indie studio Mundfish, and it looks pretty impressive. They are also working on something called Soviet Lunapark, which looks like a VR experience based in the same twisted world.

Atomic Heart is be released later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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