Decay of Logos is the latest indie game to catch my attention.

It’s an action/adventure third-person RPG that tells of a girl and her mystical elk companion, as they explore a high-fantasy world. According to the game’s official site, this fantasy world is heavily inspired by European folklore and the work of J. R. R. Tolkien.

The girl, named Ada, meets the elk after her village its razed to the ground by one of the king’s five sons. Together, they will go on a quest for revenge. Along the way, the girl will uncover secrets about the King and his sons and discover that not everything is at it seems.

The gameplay itself looks like a fast-paced take on Dark Souls. Ada is quick on her feet and can dodge, roll and jump out of the way of attacks. She then uses a combination of sword swipes and magic to take down her enemies.

Apart from combat, there is an emphasis on exploration and puzzles. That is where the elk companion comes into play. The elk will help convey specific emotions to the player, though I’m not really sure how.

I did compare Decay of Logos to Dark Souls, but the game will be far more forgiving. Ada’s stats increase whenever she kills an enemy, solve a puzzle or find a secret, so the better you do, the better your character will be. Getting hit will decrease your stats, and you’ll have to reach a camp and rest to restore them.

Camps serve as checkpoints, and each time you die, you’ll go back to the camp you last visited. You won’t lose any progress you made in the world, but some enemies will respawn.

Decay of Logos is an intriguing game. The parallels to the Souls series are clear, but they aren’t too obvious as to make this game a Souls-like. Also, the visuals hold a certain charm, which I really like.

Decay of Logos started off as a one-man project by André Constantino in his spare time. Now it is developed by a whole team from Amplify Creations and will be published by Rising Star Games on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in fall of 2018.

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