Delve into sights, sounds and lore of the Sierra Tarahumara in Mulaka, a new indie action-adventure.

Mulaka casts you as a shaman Sukurúame of the Tarahumara, the indigenous people of northern Mexico. As a shaman, you’ll be able to call upon the powers of demigods to help you defeat evil creatures and cleanse the land of corruption.

These evil creatures are taken straight out of the region’s mythology and will prove to be quite challenging. The game focuses on hand-to-hand combat, but also on running and platforming. Apparently, the Tarahumara are known for their almost superhuman running abilities, so expect to do a lot of that.

Apart from exploring a vast open world and beat the snot out of monsters, you’ll also solve puzzles, enjoy the vibrant visual style, and transform into various animals.

You can learn more about the lore and culture of the Tarahumara in a video serious called Beyond Mulaka.

You can already pre-order Mulaka if you like. If you do, you’ll be getting a copy of the game, but also help preserve the Tarahumara’s culture. Developer Lienzo has committed to donating a portion of the game’s earnings to support the region.

I didn’t find a lot of gameplay footage from the game, but its settings and style are enough to merit the attention. The only real Mulaka gameplay trailer was released in PAX West 2017, and you can find it below. It looks really interesting, especially all the giant bosses.

Mulaka lands on PlayStation 4 and Steam on February 27. The Switch version will be out March 1, followed by Xbox One on March 2.

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