Stellaris, Paradox Interactive’s space strategy game, gets its second major expansion with Stellaris Apocalypse.

Apocalypse is aiming to be the opposite of the first expansion, Utopia. While Utopia was focused mostly on diplomacy and improving quality of life in your empire, Apocalypse seems to be all about military advancement, conquest, and domination.

The teaser trailer doesn’t provide too many details about Stellaris Apocalypse, but it does reveal one major addition to the game: the Colossus, a giant space station capable of destroying entire planets.

The Colossus isn’t an ordinary ship by the game’s standards and doesn’t have fleet combat capabilities like other ships. Each empire can only have a single Colossus active at a time but can build a new one if their current one is destroyed.

These ships have multiple versions; some are simply a matter of preference while others reflect the moral code of the empire using it. For example, the World Cracker is available for all non-pacifist players and turns a planet into a debris field for you to mine. The God Ray, on the other hand, is only available for spiritualist empires and converts all organic populations on the planet into spiritualists while destroying all machine population.

The Global Pacifier encases the planet in an impenetrable shield, effectively cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy. The Neutron Sweep destroys all life forms on the surface while leaving the infrastructure intact. Finally, we have the Nanobot Dispersal which turns all the populations on the planet into cyborgs and causes them to defect to your empire.

Alongside this new Colossus, Apocalypse adds a new ship class – the Titan. Titans are giant ships and the new flagship of your fleet. As such, there is a limit on the amount of Titans an empire can construct. They provide massive firepower and have high defenses while also providing an aura effect to either buff friendly ships or debuff enemy ships.

The expansion also adds a new NPC faction, the Marauders. These are basically space pirates that raid colonies and can be hired as mercenaries. The Marauders are also able to unify and form an intimidating force of destruction as a mid-game crisis.

You can read more about the updates and changes the new Apocalypse DLC brings in the official developer’s diary.

free update will also be available alongside the DLC, and will bring many new changes. There’s a new orbital building called Starbase, a big Border rework, and much, much more.

With all these new additions and changes, Stellaris Apocalypse seems to follow in the footsteps of Utopia, and it is very likely it will be another must-have for fans of the game.

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