The Unholy Society is an indie adventure platform game, where you face off against vampires, werewolves, and demonic girls with long hair.

You play as a whiskey-soaked exorcist in a world taken over by ghosts and ghouls. Your job is to get rid of them through turn-based exorcisms. In your travels, you’ll meet creatures such as the Werewolf King, the Great Old One, Satan, the Great Voodoo Shaman and Dracula. If they prove too much for you, you can always call the Pope himself for help.

If the Pope happens to be indispensable, you’ll have your old bible, trusty revolver and wooden stakes to help you defuse the situation. There is also mention of lost memories and new abilities, so you’ll probably unlock more holy powers as the game progresses.

The game is inspired by 80s and 90s action movies (and also presumably 1973’s The Exorcist), as well as comic book series such as Preacher and Hellblazer. The Unholy Society will also feature the witty sense of humor we’ve come to associate with these things.

According to the game’s Steam page, The Unholy Society will launch in Q2 2018. After searching the official site, it seems the game is a PC exclusive. At least for now.

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