Psychonauts 2 won’t come out in 2018 after all. I know, I’m as devastated as you are.

According to Double Fine Productions, development on Psychonauts 2 is moving forward at a good pace. However, the more they work on the game, the more they realize just how big it’s going to be.

“Now we are in full swing, we know a lot more about the size and scope of the game we are going to make, how long it will take us to make it, and the amount of time we need to make it be great,” the developer wrote in the latest Fig update.

“From those projections, we know that Psychonauts 2 will not be shipping in 2018, like we originally estimated when we published the Fig campaign two years ago.

“We’re sorry that you’ll have to wait a little longer than we first estimated, but we’re also hopeful that you’ll understand it will mean being able to deliver a better game. We’re really excited about the things we’re making, and we can’t wait to share them with you!”

Psychonauts 2 Aquato family

But Double Fine Productions isn’t going to leave us feeling all sad during the holidays. The update came with a new video, where we get a look at some of the physical rewards backers will get before the game is out, including a t-shirt and a Raz figurine.

We also get to see some of the new characters that will join the Psychonauts crew in the sequel. More precisely – we get our first look at the Aquatos, Rasputin’s family.

Technically, this isn’t the first time we see the Aquato family. If you played Psychonauts, you might have seen images of them inside certain memory vaults.

This time, we get to see their in-game models and not just a black-and-white sketch. We also get to learn their names and the concepts behind their design. Interesting stuff.

For now, let’s say Psychonauts 2 will be released in 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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