Extinction has you killing 150-foot-tall ogres known as the Ravenii. However, it’s not as easy as jumping on their backs and stabbing them until they fall over.

You’ll want to cut off their arms and legs, to bring them down to your level (so to speak). But some of the Ravenii are wearing armor to protect their precious limbs. This is exactly what the new Extinction gameplay trailer talks about – armored ogres and how to kill them.

Different ogres wear different types of armor that you’ll have to destroy in different ways. For example, the Gold Armor can be removed by destroying the latches that keep it on, but protagonist Avil can also use his whip to climb it with ease. You’ll have to decide whether you want to be able to reach the ogre’s head directly using the armor as a sort of ladder, or remove it to cut off the limbs first.

The Iron Armor can only be removed by breaking a set of locks with a special strike. The developers mention that it can be quick difficult to hit those locks as the ogre fails around trying to catch you, so you’ll have to consider your tactics carefully.

Another type of armor is the Bone Armor, which is protected by flaming magical skulls. The only way to put out these skulls is using the Ravenni’s attacks against them, so you’ll have to take some risks and bait your enemy to perform certain powerful attacks.

There’s also the Bright Steel Armor – the most powerful armor in the game (that we’ve seen thus far). This armor cannot be removed, so you’ll have to figure out some other clever way to kill your huge enemy. Or you can try and climb the ogre’s back and hope it doesn’t grab you out of the air and insta-kill you.

The video also discusses some of the skills Avil has that can make these battles easier. You’ll be able to slow down time so you can aim at locks, control the speed and direction in which you are falling to avoid spikey armor, and jump higher to reach an ogre’s weak points.

Extinction comes out in early 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Watch the gameplay video, will you?

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