If you want to play A Way Out with a friend (and let’s face it, it’s the only way to play), you won’t have to buy 2 copies of the game.

I know what you’re thinking – “it’s called local co-op, duh…” True, you can always play together on the same machine, but even online co-op players don’t have to buy an extra copy.

It’s called a “friends pass free trial”. Basically, if you buy a copy of A Way Out, you can then send your friend an invitation to play the game with you. They’ll be able to download this trial version and play the whole game by your side.

Creative director Josef Fares has confirmed this move on Twitter, and there’s even a new video explaining exactly how this friend pass works.

However, it still isn’t clear what this trial version includes. It’s not a proper copy of the game, after all. My guess is that owners of this free trial will only be able to play A Way Out with the friend who invited them, and not on their own or with other people.

There’s also a chance that the one with the “friend pass” won’t get any achievements or trophies. We don’t know for sure since neither Hazelight or EA have released a proper statement on the subject. We’ll know more when the game nears its March 23 release date.

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