10 Chambers Collective, a new indie studio led by the designer of Payday and Payday 2, has just released a gamerplay trailer for their debut game – GTFO.

GTFO is a horror 4 player co-op shooter. Players take the role of a team of scavengers searching for artifacts in a massive underground complex. The complex isn’t empty, though – it is overrun by “horrifying monsters”. Your objective? Get it, grab the loot, then GTFO.

To do so successfully, you’ll have to gather weapons, tools and resources and survive. Along the way, you might unearth the secrets of complex and your own past. It seems like there’s more to this game other than fighting waves of monsters in the dark.

You can watch the game’s first gameplay below, to see exactly what you’ll be up against when the game comes out in 2018. Or you can go watch the original announcement trailer we got 6 months ago. It doesn’t show much, but it sets quite a mood.

It seems like finding the artifacts is the easy part. Not getting eaten is somewhat more difficult.

You can see that each scavenger has their own role to play. There’s one with a cutting torch, one with a mapping device and one with trip mines. We can also see the player character deploying a sentry gun to help cut through an aggressive horde of “sleepers”.

If the trailer represents the finished product, GTFO looks like a combination of Left4Dead and Payday – something I’m completely on board with.

More details on the game should be coming soon, but you can already add it to your wishlist on Steam. No other platforms have been announced so far.

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