Star Wars Battlefront 2 has dropped just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the new movie in the franchise coming on December 13. With the new movie coming up and the game’s somewhat limping start, EA is releasing the first Star Wars Battlefront 2 free DLC.

For those of you who don’t know, EA has announced that all DLC for Battlefront 2 will be included as part of the base game, meaning they will all completely free (which is probably why they were really counting on those microtransactions).

So what are we expecting to see in the new DLC? Basically, we’re facing a month-long event, by the end of which two new maps, two new heroes, one hero ship, and a couple of campaign missions will all be added to the game. The familiar faces (or helmets) of Captain Phasma and Finn will be playable at last.

This week, players who enter the game will be given a choice of faction. You will be able to choose to assist the Resistance or the First Order. For the upcoming month, players of both factions will undergo daily and weekly challenges. The faction whose players clear more challenges will win the conflict, and all players who fought for this faction will receive a rare loot box (pardon my language).

Every day now new challenges will open and you’ll definitely want to complete them because we’re all fighting for really cool rewards here. Players who complete the different faction challenges will receive a rare Star Card for the new hero character that belongs to their faction, regardless of the conflict’s results.

Next week, on December 13, we’ll be given access to the two new heroes: Finn and Captain Phasma. We’ll also get two new maps: a Galactic Assault map for the planet Crait, which is the planet from the movie trailer where you see the gorilla-looking AT-AT’s, and a new Starfighter Assault map called D’Qar, which will also a planet in the movie.

Alongside these two maps, we’ll receive a new hero ship for the character Tallie, and a few new episodes for the campaign which will tell of Iden Versio’s tales during the First Order’s rise to power.

Sounds like things are really heating up, and I’m sure it’s only the beginning. Tell us what faction you’re going to side with.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 free DLC

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