We’ve known Seven: The Days Long Gone is a thing for over a year, but for some reason I never paid it much attention. That turned out to be a not-so-clever decision on my part, because now the game is out and it looks really interesting.

It’s a stealth open-world RPG where we play as┬áTeriel, a master thief possessed by a daemon, Artanak.┬áTeriel is shipped to the prison colony of Peh to steal an ancient artifact.

I know this because of two new trailers that were released to mark the game’s launch. They are both story trailers, revealing details about the world and the character we play.

The first one is a cinematic trailer that details the world’s history and settings, while the second shows more of the isometric gameplay. You can watch both below.

By the way, the studio behind the game, Fool’s Theory, is comprised of developers who worked on The Witcher series and a few indie games like Hard West and Kholat.

If you’re interested, Seven: The Days Long Gone is available now on PC. Here’s the second trailer, the one with all the gameplay in it.

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