Forget about the DmC reboot – Devil May Cry 5 is back making headlines.

This time, it’s a huge leak full of details about the game’s release date, returning cast and characters, story elements, and more.

The leak was first posted on ResetEra, by the user Son of Sparda. They claim to be a part of a community that got a hold of Hideaki Itsuno’s plans for the fifth game in the series.

Devil May Cry 5

According to the post, Devil May Cry 5 will be released between April 2018 and March 2019, mostly likely after November 2018. As for an official reveal, that will probably happen at E3 2018. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony will aim for an earlier reveal after this leak.

Yes, I said Sony will be the ones to announce the game. The PlayStation will have some sort of exclusivity, as Sony is partially funding the game’s development. It’s suggested the game will be on PS4 first, and will reach the PC later. No Xbox One version was mentioned.

When the time to reveal the game will come, we’ll get a 1 minute 50 seconds long trailer that mostly focuses on the story, characters and cutscenes. The trailer shows a city similar to  Fortuna city in DMC4, but the leak does mention that the environments will be much more open this time. The game won’t be open-world though.

Speaking of story and characters, I just want to throw a small SPOILER WARNING here. The next part talks about returning characters, settings and some story details.

Actor Rueben Langdon will be back to play his role as Dante, Dan Southworth will return as Vergil and Johnny Young Bosch as Nero. No word on who’s playing Trish, but she’s there and she has a “prominent role to play” in the story.

The story itself will pick up right after Devil May Cry 4. There will be more than one playable character, with Dante, Nero and a possible third unnamed character. This mysterious character is said to be “very powerful”, and might be a newcomer to the series. Then again, it might also be Vergil or Trish.

Devil May Cry 5 will have a more “serious” Dante, but one that retains his signature over-the-top style and flair. Nero will confront Vergil at some point, and the game will confirm their relationship as father and son. The “Prince of Darkness” is listed as the main antagonist, so that could be Mundus from the original DMC, or a new villain.

But the most interesting story detail is the fact that DMCV will be the end of the “sons of Sparda” storyline. It might not be the last  game in the series, but it could be the last game starring Dante.

On the gameplay front, the leak mentions several features and additions. There will be some online features (but no PvP multiplayer), no QTEs, no stamina bar and more enemies than we might be used to in a DMC game. There will also be a bigger emphasis on interactions with the environment during combat, and bigger boss fights.

Overall Devil May Cry 5 is hoping to appeal to a broader audience, but without neglecting the core fan-base. Seems like a solid strategy.

That’s about everything this new leak can teach us. It is still just an unofficial leak, so don’t forget to sprinkle a hefty dose of salt over everything you just read. We’ll have to wait for a more official source before we can confirm any of it.

Devil May Cry 5 could be announced at PSX next month, or we’ll have to wait till E3 2018. There’s also a chance this is the last time we hear about it… We’ll keep you posted.

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