Ubisoft Reflections, which is Ubisoft’s “indie” division responsible for Grow Home and Atomega, has just released a new game. It’s called Ode, and it’s pretty weird.

Ode is a new “musical exploration” platformer where you play as Joy, a squishy star creature inside a ball. Your aim, if you want to call it that, is to roll around beautiful alien worlds and spread music, color and life.

You do that by exploring, touching things and collecting fallen stars. At least I think that’s how you do it… You’ll have to figure out how to play the game by yourself, since there are no tutorials or even a HUD to guide you. There’s only this launch trailer.

Actually, there’s also a pretty long and extensive interview over at Ubisoft UK. However, game producer¬†Anne Langourieux warns that reading too much about the game can spoil it’s magic.

What I can tell you is that Ode has 4 different open levels that you can explore at your own pace. There’s a 5th bonus level that offers a more traditional gameplay experience, with a score, enemies and time-trials.

Ode is currently available for PC only, through the Ubisoft Store.

Ode 01 Ode 02 Ode 03 Ode 04 Ode 05 Ode 06 Ode 07 Ode 08 Ode 09

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