Ghost of Tsushima is a new open world game where you play as a samurai.

The stage is Feudal Japan of 1274. The Mongol hordes have invaded the Japanese island of Tsushima, burning and destroying everything in their path.

You play as “The Ghost”, a lethal samurai fighting to drive off the invaders. According to the trailer, it appears our hero lost his family and home in the fighting, so now he hunts the Mongolians as a nameless, faceless and very deadly force.

You’ll be able to use traditional samurai armor, bows and swords to aid you in your fight.

The trailer we see in-engine footage of the game, and the man you hear talking throughout it all is the leader of the Mongols. The dialog is clearly taken from an in-game scene, supposedly somewhere near the beginning.

Ghost of Tsushima is developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind the Infamous series. Sucker Punch has been quiet lately, and now we know why. You can learn more about the game and the progress that led to its development by watching the video interview below.

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a release window yet, but it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


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