The Overwatch Halloween Terror seasonal event is now live. Go dress your favorite character in a new costume and fight against endless hordes in Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Junkenstein’s Revenge: Endless Night is a new mode available in Arcade, where players face waves of enemies and bosses crushing against the castle doors. You can play as either Genji, Torbjörn, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta, and compete to earn the highest spot in the all-new leaderboard.

Apart from the new mode, you also get new Halloween versions of the Eichenwalde and Hollywood maps.

But I know what most of you are searching for are the new Halloween skins. The new ones this year are Corsair Ana, Jiangshi Mei, Totally 80’s Zarya, Van Helsing McCree, Viking Torbjorn, Dracula Reaper, Cultist Zenyatta and Dragon Symmetra.

Some fan favorites from last year, such as Immortal Soldier 76, Tombstone Bastion and Witch Mercy, return form the dead. It’s a good opportunity to get them.

You can see all the new skins below, and read more about the OVerwatch Halloween Terror event on the game’s official site.

Overwatch Halloween Ana OVerwatch Halloween Mei Overwatch Halloween Zarya Overwatch Halloween McCree Overwatch Halloween Torbjorn Overwatch Halloween Reaper Overwatch Halloween Zenyatta Overwatch Halloween Symmetra

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