Nintendo has released a new 101 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey.

The trailer goes over everything you need to know before playing the game for yourself. From the worlds you’ll explore, to Mario’s new abilities, and new play modes – this video has got you covered.

First of all, we get to meet Cappy, Mario’s possessed hat. With the help of Cappy, Mario can defeat enemies, reach new places and possess other characters. By taking control over different characters, enemies, and even objects, Mario can use their abilities to explore and find more Power Moons.

Power Moons will help fuel Mario’s ship – the Odyssey. Once you collect enough Power Moons, the¬†Odyssey will be able to take you to the next world (or Kingdom).

The video also introduces a few new ways to play the game. First, there’s co-op mode, which lets a second player take control of Cappy itself. With Cappy, you can help Mario defeat bosses or reveal more secrets. There are a few nice examples in the video.

Then, we learn about Assist Mode, which is aimed at beginners. This more will help you find your way throughout a kingdom by placing arrows on the ground you can follow. It will also protect you from nasty falls and give you a little more space to get used to the gameplay.

The video has plenty more information about Super Mario Odyssey. It’s longer than 5 minutes, so you know there’s more than what I covered in this article. Give it a watch. Be careful, though – if you don’t own a Switch, you might end up buying one just to play this game.

Super Mario Odyssey is out October 27, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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