Extinction developer Iron Galaxy has released a new trailer for the game. This is the first proper Extinction gameplay trailer we got since the game was announced, so if you’re interested in the game, it’s worth a view.

In this trailer, we see the dashing Sentinel Avil jumping and slashing his way through an army of huge ogres. It’s all very Attack on Titan – you even have to decapitate the ogres to make sure they stay down for good.

The trailer focuses on two important aspects of  Extinction – the high-speed traversal and combat. Avil can jump between rooftops and other structures to reach higher ground. Most ogres are armored, so you won’t be able to attack them from the ground. We can see a few of them with spikes around their legs and arms, and even hamlets and neck-guards.

Of course, if you can’t find a high enough spot to reach their heads, you can always cut off their legs and bring them down to your level. Avil can also trick an armored ogre to smash the ground, thus damaging its own armor. Consider that a free tip.

Apart from the huge ogres, you’ll also face waves of smaller Ravenii minions. Those can be dispatched with a few sword slashes or magic spells.

Extinction will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018. If you’re done with the Extinction gameplay trailer, you can find a couple more screenshots below.

Extinction gameplay trailer Extinction gameplay trailer

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