Hell Let Loose is an upcoming WW2 shooter that promises massive scale battles of 100 players as infantry, tanks, and artillery. Developer Black Matter calls is a “simulation of war, not an arcade arena shooter.”

I say “upcoming”, but that’s really up to you. The game is now on Kickstarter, and you can go and contribute to the crowdfunding effort. The campaign asks for AU$ 136,000 ($106,000), and at the rate things are going, the game will be funded in no time.

The game boasts huge maps,  about 4km² each, where two groups of 50 players will fight for control over different sectors. The constantly shifting front lines requires players to work together, and make tactical decisions under pressure and live fire.

Each sector you capture gives your team an advantage. Holding a fuel dimp will spawn vehicles faster, while controlling a munitions stockpile provides friendly naval bombardments.

In Hell Let Loose, players can choose from 13 different roles, each with its own weapons, equipment, and well… role to play in battle. They split between Infantry, Recon and Armor, with one Commander to oversee them all. You can see some of them in action in the gameplay video above, that also serves as the Kickstarter pitch video.

You can read more about the game and it’s gameplay mechanics over at its Kickstarter page. There’s plenty more information I could tell you, but Black Matter can probably do a better job at it. It’s their game after all.

Hell Let Loose looks like an interesting shooter for the tactically inclined. It’s big, it’s brutal, and it’s epic. An Early Access of the game is scheduled to release around Q2 2018.

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