Microsoft has just published October’s line-up for the Xbox Games with Gold program.

You can check the video above to hear about the games, and where and when to find them. Alternatively,  you can read a little bit more about each game right here.

Gone Home is the first free game you’ll be able to play next month. It’s a first-person adventure and exploration game, where you play as Kaitlin. Kaitlin returns home from overseas to her family home in Oregon, just to find it completely empty. Of course she immediately starts to investigate in an attempt to find out what happened to her family.

Gone Home is available for free from October 1-31.

Games with Gold October 2017 The Turing Test

On October 16, you’ll be able to take The Turing Test. Play as engineer Ava Turing, a member of a research team sent to excavate Jupiter’s moon Europa. Ava  is awoken up one day by the base’s artificial intelligence, who informs her her teammates are in danger. She must pass a series of puzzles to prove she is human, and reach the core of the base. Naturally, things are not as they seem.

The Turing Test, which I like to call “Portal with spheres” will be available October 16 until November 15.

Xbox 360 players start their month with Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD. Rayman 3 is a platformer, where yo play as the titular Rayman. Jump, hover, punch and kick through this adventure, and stop André from taking over the world by using his army of “Hoodlum” soldiers.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD is available for download between October 1-15.

Games with Gold October 2017 Medal of Honor: Arirborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne isn’t a platformer, but it does involve jumping; out of planes. Take the role of PFC Boyd Travers and jump your way out of airplanes above North Africa, Italy, France, The Netherlands and Germany, while fighting the Axis armies. This FPS lets you parachute and choose your own landing position before as you join the battle below. Missions are non-linear, and you can tackle the objective as you see fit.

Medal of Honor: Airborne will be available for free between October 16-31.

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