WayForward, mostly know for the Shantae series, has partnered with Universal Studios to bring you The Mummy Demastered – a video game based on The Mummy reboot of 2017.

Wait, don’t go! It looks good, we promise.

The Mummy Demastered is a retro 2D Metroidvania. You play as an elite agent of the Prodigium organization, armed with a variety of weapons and mysterious artifacts. As this agent, you will defend humanity from supernatural threats such as the titular mummy.

In fact, we can see Princess Ahmanet at the very end of the trailer, summoning a giant spider. I’ve seen the movie, and I don’t really remember a giant spider. Then again, the movie isn’t very memorable, so for all I know, there might have been 12 of them…

This giant spider will be part of Ahmanet’s legions of undead, insects, and plague-ridden vermin. He is probably one of the “horrifying bosses” WayForward teases.

The Mummy Demastered is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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