Did you know Valve was working on co-op fantasy game? Me neither, but apparently it’s true.

Drew Wolf, an artist who been with Valve for 9 years, has updated his online portfolio. There, we see plenty of concept art, sketches and ideas he worked on during his time at the company. They are all very impressive.

The ones that caught our eye, though, sit under the title “Untitled Fantasy Game”. According to Wolf, this project was a ” fantasy adventure game centered around cooperative combat and driven by story.”

“Each sketch represents a slice of the world each character came from as well as a hint at who they are and what they do,” Wolf wrote.

It’s easy to imagine such a game existing next to titles like Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2. It’s right up Valve’s ally. Too bad we don’t have any more information about it to share with you.

You can see the concept art below, or you can continue to explore Wolf’s portfolio for other interesting finds. For example, there’s a page that’s full of female Team Fortress 2 characters.

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