The weekend is finally here! In case you’re fed up with what you’re currently playing, or just don’t have anything to do – we got you covered. Well, EA and Blizzard have you covered.

Both Overwatch and Battlefield 1 are free to play this entire weekend, starting tomorrow, September 22.


Overwatch will be available to play for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from September 22 up to Monday, September 25.

The full roster of 25 Heroes is open to you to check out, and also all 16 maps. While you won’t be able to play ranked matches, all the other game modes will be open for you.

If you decide to buy the game, all the progress you make during this weekend will carry over.

Battlefield 1

As part of the Battlefest: Revolution event, Battlefield 1 will be free to play between September 22 and September 24. However, the free offer is only available for Xbox One players with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

Like with Overwatch, if you decide to buy the game (which will be on discount until the end of the month), progress will be carried over. You can either buy the full Revolution pack, which includes the game and all the DLC, or just the Premium Pass itself. This will give you access to all past and future content and some more stuff like battlepacks and so on.

Battlefest takes place between September 19-30, and will give all Battlefield 1 players free access to both DLC packs: They Shall Not Pass, and In the Name of the Tsar.

Also, different events and missions will be available for you to accomplish so you can get new loot easily.

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