Sonic Forces, probably the biggest Sonic games of this decade, attacks with a new game mode. This mode, titled Episode Shadow, will be added for free to the full game.

Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow serves as a prequel to the story of the full game. In this episode, we’ll play as Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic’s arch-rival.

This add-on will provide some backstory behind the game’s narrative. It will explain why Shadow has joined the ranks of Doctor Eggman and the new adversary Infinite. In addition, the prequel will tell us more about the fate of Team Dark, the anti-hero trio led by Shadow.

Episode Shadow will add 3 unique levels for us to conquer as Shadow. We will also be able to play him in over 10 levels of Modern Sonic.

In the gameplay trailer we get to see Shadow, for the first time in a 2D level unless you count Sonic Rivals. He scorches his way through a variation of Green Hill Zone, to the sounds of “Supporting Me”, the music of his iconic boss battle from Sonic Adventure 2.

We also see Shadow use a new ability, which lets him blast his way through lines of robots and enemies. The clouds of neon red cubes that stand in Shadow’s way are one of the trademarks of Infinite. Which reminds me – the new game mode should provide some more backstory about this main villain.

The new add-on is will be available for free to all game owners when the game arrives. Players who pre-order Sonic Forces will receive a unique Shadow the Hedgehog costume for their avatar character.

Sonic Forces will release in November 7 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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