There’s a new The Evil Within 2 trailer out there. This time, we get to see more of the different characters that inhabit the twisted world created by STEM.

The trailer focuses on Theodore, one of the two main human villains in the game (that we know of). Theodore appears to be a religious zealot type, who created his own cult in STEM. He is searching for the core, which also happens to be Sebastian’s daughter.

But Theodore isn’t the only threat awaiting Sebastian. The video shows plenty of the zombies and monsters you’ll face during the game. Luckily for Sebastian, a few Mobius agents have made it into STEM, and some are even willing to help. True, Sebastian and Mobius aren’t exactly on the best of term, but in STEM you’ll need all the help you can get.

As the game’s release date inches closer, we’ll get more and more information on the game and its characters. We’ve just met Theodore, but another villain was already revealed last month. Stefano is a deranged photographer that has made himself a home in STEM. He’s not in this trailer, but we’ve already met him in a previous one.

The Evil Within 2 releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 13. It’s on Friday the 13th, just for that extra spooky factor.

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