Atomega is a new multiplayer FPS by the developers of Grow Home and Grow Up.

Just like these two titles, Atomega is an “experimental” game that tries to bring something new to the genre. Looking at the trailer and screenshots, I’d say there’s something there that definitely feels new.

The game takes place at the “end of time”, as the reality crumbles into nothingness. Cheerful stuff so far. You’ll be playing an Exoform, a “super advanced post-biological” lifeform. These Exoform are masters of matter and energy, and the “last distant relative to man and machine”.

Basically, you are a purple cube that seeks other cubes to absorb and gain mass. You can do so by avoiding other players and simply collecting the cubes on the map, or by destroying other players and consuming their mass.

The more cubes you collect, the bigger you get and the more powerful you become. You’ll evolve from a simple Atom all the way to the massive Omega. That’s why the game is called Atomega. The trailer shows another dinosaur-like form between the two.

8 players will fight for “fun and dominance” in 10-minute rounds. In the end, the player with the most points win. Points are awarded for gaining more mass. That means you can win a match without actually killing another player.

Atomega will be available to download through Steam starting September 19.

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