The Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle is now live, and offers a lot of… well… games from the Hunie and Sakura franchises.

If you’re unfamiliar with those games, just follow the link to see exactly what type of games I’m talking about. If you’re under 18, maybe move on to a different article? Why not read our coverage of the Call of Duty WWII multiplayer beta, instead?

Anyway, if you decide to go for it, you can play just $1 to get HunieCam Studio (including the OST) and 6 different Sakura games. Among them are Sakura Beach, Sakura Beach 2, and Sakura Spirit.

Beat the average of $7, and you’ll get HuniePop (again, OST included) and another 6 more Sakura games. Here you have Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Shrine Girls, and Sakura Santa.

Lastly, the $10 tier offers Sakura Dungeon. It’s an indie RPG where you “Capture monster girls, collect loot, explore the dungeon’s depths and reclaim what is yours.” People claim it’s a lot of fun, regardless of the all the scantily clad cartoon women.

As always, some of the proceeds go to charity. This month its Action Against Hunger, a global organization that fights the causes and effects of hunger. Of course, you can choose a different cause to to donate to if you’re passionate about it.

The Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle is live now, and will be available until September 19.

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