Gwent is making its way into the eSport scene with Gwent Masters.

The video above explains everything rather, so if you want to just watch it, go ahead. I’ll understand… If you want a quick rundown of all the important bits – read on.

Gwent’s new competitive mode is called Pro Ladder, and will span 8 seasons of 2 months each. There will be a total of 13 tournaments throughout a series – 8 Gwent Open tournaments, 4 Gwent Challenger tournaments, and 1 finale called Gwent World Masters.

During a Pro Ladder season, competitive players will try and earn as many Crown Points as they can. The 8 players with the most Crown Points will then move on to a Gwent Open tournament, to battle over fame and a prize pool of $25000.

The next level is the Gwent Challenger events. Once again, 8 players will participate: the winner of the previous Challenger, up to 4 finalists in the previous Gwent Open tournaments, up to 2 players with the most accumulated Crown Points, and 2 “wild card” players invited personally by CD Projekt RED.

The prize pool of these tournaments will be $100000. The winner will also receive a snazzy Gwent Challenger ring.

Finally, we have the grand finale – Gwent World Masters. The 8 competitors will be up to 5 Gwent Challenger winners, and up to 7 players with he most accumulated Crown Points throughout the entire series.

If you want to learn more about the rules of the tournaments, you can watch the video above. You can also visit the Gwent Masters official site.

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