Did you play the original Black Mirror trilogy? I can honestly say I’m the only person I know who actually played all 3. I don’t remember liking them all that much, but for some reason I played the entire trilogy.

Well, apparently enough people played and liked them for THQ Nordic to reboot the series. that’s probably the a new installment in a “well-known, mysterious and horrific IP” the company was teasing. No Painkiller reboot for us.

The new Black Mirror is a “Gothic horror adventure” that has nothing to do with the Netflix series. THQ Nordic is dead set on reminding us that the original Black Mirror came out in 2003 – 8 full years before the TV series aired its first episode.

Anyway, Black Mirror will tell a “totally independent and new story”. That means that if you never even heard of the series until today, you’ll be able to enjoy the misadventures of protagonist David Gordon. Those of you who did play the previous games can rest assured though – the reboot will preserve the themes of “madness and psychological distress”.

Actually, according to the developers, the new game in the series will be pretty similar to the original games, with one major difference.

“The major difference between the new and old Black Mirror, apart from the modern graphics of course, will be a new gameplay element: interaction with vision-like apparitions,” reads of the official statement.

Those “vision-like apparitions” are the reboot’s main selling point. They are supposed to help us learn more about the protagonist’s family history. Something tells me they weren’t a bunch of caring, generous people.

In addition to the aforementioned “madness and psychological distress”, Black Mirror will draw a lot of inspiration from the works of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. I was expecting the Lovecraft reference, but its nice to see more games looking to Poe for ideas.

Black Mirror will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 28. Be sure to check the game’s official site for even more information. You can also browse the screenshots below that show a little in-game footage, unlike the announcement trailer.

Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror

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