Echo, the indie sci-fi stealth action title, will be released on PC and PS4 on September 19.

The release date is unveiled, like many dates often do, at the end of a new trailer. Since this is a gameplay trailer, there aren’t a lot of story details here, Instead, we see protagonist En fighting and sneaking her way past multiple clones of herself.

The fact that all the enemies look just like the character you’re playing is really unsettling.

Echo was announced last year, with another trailer a few story details. Today, we got some more detailed, specifically about the game’s setting – The Palace.

The Palace is a place “born of legend, a marvel of an ancient civilization eons gone, still awaiting its first human occupants.” En is hoping to use the Palace to “bring back a life that should not have been lost.” I guess we’ll learn more when we play the game.

But the Palace isn’t dormant, and doesn’t like the fact En is intruding one bit. It will study your play style and produce copies, or “Echos”, of En that act the same way as she does. The deeper you go into the Palace, the better it knows you and the deadlier the Echos become.

Basically – the better you are at the game, the harder it gets. Sneak fast undetected, the the Echoes will become stealthier. Take them down with headshot after headshot, and they will start to show the same accuracy when firing back.

It’s a neat mechanic that I’d like to experience for myself. I’m also intrigued by the story, which I know next to nothing about.. But as long as it doesn’t turn out we were one of the Echoes all along, I think it will do OK.

Again, Echo launches on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 19.

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